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Cape Cod Lumber

Showroom Designs


CQ Painting handles the painting and prep work for Cape Cod Lumber's detailed showrooms in Abington.  CQ Painting paints intricate interior and exterior building models inside the showrooms, including multiple color schemes, window paint treatment and crown molding for all of the company's showpieces.

"CQ Painting came to the rescue when we had to let a painter go and needed someone to finish the job. Factory Paint in Weymouth recommended we call CQ Painting.  Chris' crew came in and finished the project - surpassing our expectations in every way. We've been working with them ever since. The entire team is a pleasure to work with. They are on time every day, there is never any mess, they do a great job and they work fast. 

We always recommend CQ Painting!"

Kate Cunningham

Interior Design Consultant

Cape Cod Lumber

Abington, MA



Hingham Historical Society

Old Ordinary House Museum


When the 300-year-old, multi-pained windows, as well as other exterior doors and trim, needed to be painted on the Old Ordinary House Museum, Carl Achille of the Hingham Historical Society needed a painter who could handle them with "special care." Carl's son, a building contractor, recommended CQ Painting based on personal experience and the company's reputation for working on historical homes.

"Chris and his team painted the whole house and it came out beautifully.  CQ Painting took exceptional care to replace more than 70 panes of antique reproduction glass from the window frames, which date back to 1680.  Chris was very professional, always onsite himself doing the work with his team. He dealt with all issues personally and professionally, always returning phone calls and making me feel comfortable.  CQ Painting stands behind its work."

Carl Achille

Hingham Historical Society

Hingham, MA



Eutopia Fitness Studio

Upscale Training Studio


When Chris' sister, Colleen Quinn, purchased retail space to open her new business in February 2004, the facility was in really bad condition, and she knew her brother was the man to help her get it in shape.  Colleen had to have new walls put up, which meant a lot of prep work before painting, a task she knew Chris could handle. The job not only entailed prepping and painting the walls, but also all of the trim, baseboards and whatever else it took to help turn a run-down thrift shop into an upscale training studio in a short timeframe.

"Chris is a complete perfectionist. He pays great attention to the details. He doesn't skip any corners or rush just to get the job done; he makes every effort to "do it right."  He dealt with the project efficiently and with complete professionalism - despite the fact that he's my brother - which I really appreciated.  He actually has the same standards and expectations for his employees as well."


Colleen Quinn

Eutopia Fitness Studio

Brookline, MA


"From minor paint jobs, such as fire panels and gutters, to entire building redesigns, Chris takes care of everything for us. It's like having a foreman on site at all times; he even fixes other painting contractors' mistakes. Chris is a perfectionist. His quality is unmatched."

Erin Daycock

Staff Accountant

Dennis & Company, PC & Allegiant Payroll Services